About us

Toskana-Wandern is the offspring of Peter Steckenbauer's passionate research and dedication since the early 90s. After twenty years of work in the social field, in 1996 Mr. Steckenbauer decided to leave his native Austria and live in Italy to expand his familiarity with the territory, his passion for walking and the pleasure of discovering hidden, pristine, and uncontaminated places. Thanks to his long experience as a hiker and more than ten years of trips in Tuscany, Peter created the 10 areas that are now offered by Toskana-Wandern.

This project has been made possible by the joint efforts of associates, culinary experts, professional tasters, food producers, artists and guides who enrich, with their strong cultural background each one of the excursions with deepening moments, food and wine sampling, and the discovery of hidden aspects, flavours and traditions of this wonderful region.
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